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Last weekend I was able to start guitar #2. This will be a small jumbo with a Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back/sides. Last weekend I planed the back pieces and glued the back center joint. Next I need to thickness and brace the back. The back pieces started out at 0.150" thick and need to be taken down to 0.095". I need to remove about 1/16"! I played with thicknessing with a hand plane, but I am not confident in my ability to do this evenly over such a large panel. I have decided to use my Wagner Safety Planer for this operation as shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfaLmBGKjJY. In order to avoid this guy's insane process of using hand held hold down blocks, I spent Sunday working on a spring loaded hold down fixture to mount on the column of my drill press. I should have it complete in the next couple evenings, so will be ready to thickness the back before this weekend. I will use the same setup when I am ready to thickness the top.

BTW: my computer died a couple weeks ago, so I have been reliant on my Touchpad for all web contact away from work. The LJ client for WebOS is a bit primative, so I have not been posting. I should have a new PC running before the weekend, so I should be getting pictures posted soon.
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