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Friday night I routed out the first of the radius work boards (25'). It came out pretty good, but was a lot of work and a huge dusty mess. I used a round nose router bit. Meant lots of sanding. I don't have a way (yet) to attach a vacuum to my small router, or really to my sander either. One board was all my right arm/wrist/hand could take in one session. Sunday I changed to a 1/4" straight bit and routed my second 25' board. The straight bit is definitely the way to go. I intend to make a sandwich out of two work boards, back to back, with a 1/4" or 1/2" plywood layer in the middle. Both sides will have the same radius. I will put sandpaper on one side and leave the other side bare. I still need to make the 15' and 12' boards. If I had been after just one board, it would not be worth building the fixtures, but for 6 boards it is.

The small humidifier that I put in the garage is managing to keep it reasonable out there, but not entirely within the 45-55% desired range. My bigger problem is temp. It got over 90 degrees in the garage last week. The high temp also drops the humidity a lot. I'm sure that high temp was aggravated by parking my hot motorcycle inside after work. I will let it cool a bit in the drive before moving it inside next time. Ceiling and wall insulation is quickly moving to the top of the priority list. More distractions :(

I intend to start on the final sanding of the Portland guitar this week, do epoxy grain filling this week and weekend and spray lacquer next weekend. Bought a new HVLP spray rig last week. Did not want to mess with learning on my old spray gun then upgrading and re-learning. It's a nice looking small rig with the turbine. Cost will be partially offset by not having to add serious oil and water filters to my compressor.

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