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It was a hard week of car troubles.  On Monday my Rover coughed up a whole set of error codes and turned on a lovely array of yellow warning lights in my dash.  The first was the ABS light, followed by the Traction Control light and the Hill Descent Control light!  This is actually fairly common at around this mileage, but can be caused by a wide variety of things.  Research indicated that the best case was a random vibration in the brakes caused by hitting the brakes just right (wrong) while hitting a bump.  Worst case was a failed ABS modulator that costs $1800, for the part! 

I knew my brake pads were low, so I did a brake job all around (pads were cracked), reseated the ABS sensors in the hubs, and checked the connectors in the ABS sensor cables.  Then today I took it to the dealer to have the error code read and cleared.  The lights went off and all appears well.  The error code indicated a "random output variation on the right front ABS sensor."  Hopefully this was caused by low pads and slotted rotors and the lights will stay off now that the brake pads have been replaced.  If not, it might need a new ABS sensor ($135), or possible a front hub ($375).  These I could live with, as long as it is not the modulator.

So I spent a day and a half doing brake work, but at this point all is well and I am happy.  That darn truck costs me a fortune to keep running, but I really love the thing.  Trips like my recent trip to the White Mountains for 7 days of driving on rough dirt roads in the comfort of Connolly Leather seats just reinforces that.

I do need to get one of those OBDII scanners to read these error codes though.
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On Sunday, I managed to drag my slightly hung over butt out of bed in time to go have coffee with [livejournal.com profile] aleeceh, load up my photo gear, and head for the hills. My destination was a pair of bridges over the Cosumnes River gorge. I spotted them a few weeks ago on the now infamous "We-got-our-Porsche-Stuck-in-the-Snow Impromptu Wine Tour". A bit down the road I realized that I had forgotten to grab a jacket, but since I was wearing a fairly heavy shirt, decided to go forward to my destination and deal with the cold. I headed out Hwy 16 toward Plymouth. About 10 miles past Rancho Muieta (and cell phone service) I looked down and saw my battery light on! After a brief moment of rapid thoughts, including the likes of: no big deal...well maybe I ought to go back...oh crap once the battery dies the hazard lights don't even work and I have no cell phone signal, I made the smart decision of turning back. Expecting the car to die at any minute, I headed for the home of [livejournal.com profile] kellilorenz which I could reach without using a freeway, if the battery would just hold out. After about 40 miles I arrived without incident. After looking under the hood to check for loose terminals, etc, I headed off to Hubacher Cadilac/Land Rover to leave the car for service, with Kelli following. We made it to the dealer without incident, but with the battery light still on.

Then we went to lunch, played with the dogs, watched the Blue Angels buzz her house, snuggled, etc. Turned out to be the nicest dead-car day I have ever experienced!

Today they got my car fixed. The alternator had no output at all. I am impressed that Land Rover has designed a vehicle that can go 50 miles with only the charge that is in the battery. I didn't even have any trouble restarting it at Kelli's house, after 40 miles! On the downside, it has got to be the world's most expensive alternator (over $500 for the part!) Oh well, it is now all fixed, so I can try again.

Let's see, when is our next good weather weekend...

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