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It seems silly to me to put all my leaves out on the curb for the city to collect and compost, then have to buy mulch for my planters.  So I have been looking at buying a leaf shredder lately. I would love to have something to both shred leaves and chip small branches, but those cost a lot of money for one that actually works.  I also hate having a dedicated piece of equipment around that I only use a couple times a year. 

It turns out that the commercially available leaf shredders are just a string trimmer mounted upside-down in a tube/funnel.  I found some plans online for making one from an old string trimmer and a trash can.  Saves the money, but still has the storage problem.

So I had the idea to try putting a bunch of leaves in a tub (muck bucket), and stick my string trimmer in there and whir them around a bit.  Like a giant blender.  It actually works quite well.  It flings a few leaves around your patio (wear a face shield) and can't handle any sticks, rocks, etc.  I wouldn't try it near any windows either.  It takes 3-4 minutes to mulch up a muck bucket full of leaves, which I assume is not fast as these things go, but I already have everything necessary, and don't have to store any dedicated equipment!

So now I have a new solution for my annual leaf piles.  Back to the raking I guess!

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