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A friend of mine got a really good deal on some 3rd generation Yuba Mundo cargo bikes, because he bought a bunch of them. I got one from him. I love it. It is an amazingly stable and comfortable ride. This takes away one more excuse that I find myself using to not ride my bike for errands. This thing will carry just about anything! It has a 440 lb cargo rating (in addition to the rider). It has huge cargo bags. It has support rails that can act as foot rests so is legal to carry passengers.

Yuba Mundo

I took it to the grocery store today. I got 4 bags of groceries and they did not put a dent in the capacity of those bags.

Now off to the shop to make a padded seat and some running boards!
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It was a hard ride today.  I was tired from a poor night's sleep when I started.  Forced myself to do the long 24 mile loop anyway.  I needed the miles and time on the road to focus my mind a bit after what happened on Sunday afternoon.  I think it worked, at least some.

Distance: 23.86 Miles
Ave Speed: 14.1 MPH
Max Speed: 23.4 MPH
Time:  1 Hour, 41 Minutes
2 two minute rest stops
One brief stop to cough up a bug I inhaled

My legs are pretty sore and the stairs are a bit tough to navigate, but overall I feel pretty good.  Need to do this once a week, interspersed with the 13 mile loop a couple times a week.

That makes 46 miles on the new bike.  I still really like it.  It rides amazingly smooth on these country roads.  I think I do need a couple adjustments though:  Hands still go numb on and off starting fairly early in the ride.  Bottoms of my feet got persistently numb for the last half of the ride.  I think I need seat position adjustment and maybe a shorter stem.  No pain in elbows or knees today though.  Need to move my computer to the handle bars, can't read it where it is on the stem.  Caught a rock under my rear brake pad and put a hell of a gouge in my rear rim.  Frustrating.
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So we got new road bikes last Monday.  Specialized Sequoia Elites.  I spent my usual riding times last week outfitting the bikes (bottle cages, computers, etc.) so I did not do any riding last week.  Today I went for my first real ride on mine.

I did my short loop south of town.  13.4 miles.  Forgot to start my computer when I left home, so don't really know all my stats.  Took me 52 minutes.  By that measure I averaged 15.5 MPH.  That's pretty good for me.

I was making a conscious effort to ride in a lower gear at an increased cadence, because I know that is supposed to be better for you.  I felt like I was going slow, but my overall time does not agree with that feeling.

Overall, the bike felt pretty good.  I felt a little stretched out and had too much weight on my hands though.  Need to move the seat forward or the bars back.  Will check my seat to pedal position later today.  The bike rides really smooth.  I can highly recommend Specialized's FACT carbon forks and seat stays with the Zertz inserts.
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Today's ride:  13.5 miles, 15.4 MPH, 52 minutes, headwind on the outgoing legs.

Rode hard to maintain a fast speed today, knowing that I was not riding as far.  No trouble finishing the ride, but I am beat.

Tires are holding up so far.
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Rode a new route today:  Bike paths to the south end of campus; Old Davis Road south; Tremont Road west to 80 frontage road; over 80 at the Pedrick Road overpass (scary trucks!); Seivers Road west; Stevenson Bridge Road north; Russell Blvd east back to campus; bike paths home.  I think I had a head wind in three out of four directions, WTF?  Little to no shoulder on any of these roads, but the few cars and trucks I came across gave a wide berth and were very polite.  These roads are straight, fairly level, and in pretty good shape.  Not too hard to cruise along at 16-17 MPH.  The Stevenson Bridge Road segment was the hardest: slight uphill, slight head wind, 13 miles into the ride.

Final stats:

24 miles

14.2 MPH average

some good riding company met along the route

I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but feeling pretty good right now.

The sidewalls of my tires are starting to crack pretty bad.  Need to get new tires (or a new bike) before I do this many more times.

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