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New computer is runnning, so this is a big improvement.

Last weekend I was able to thickness the back for Guitar #2.  The rotary planer (Wagner Safety Planer) worked great on the first side, but got grabby and a bit scary on the second side.  I think it was dull by the time I got to the second side.  A little disappointing.  But with a little sanding I was able to complete the back thicknessing.

This week I was able to get the back reinforcement strip glued in place, and shaped to a pleasing curve.  The strip started as a trapazoidal cross section, and is nicest if planed and sanded down to a nice circular arc.  All done :-)

So the project for this weekend is to get the back braced.  While this should be easily doable, there are necessary chores to do first, like sharpening chisels.  These are new, so the backs will have to be honed first which takes alot of time.  8 chisels to do :-(    Also, with this hot weather, I may have short days in the shop.  Without really cool nights, I can't really get the garage to cool down by opening up in the evening and morning, and I have not gotten an AC unit yet.  So I have some doubts as to my actual weekend progress, but it should be braced before the start of next weekend.

Now the big question on my mind is:  Do I continue to struggle through with the rotary planer, or bite the bullet and get a drum sander?  The next thing to thickness is the top, which is more critical in appearaance, and has the rosette inlay.  Not sure I want to trust the rotary planer at this point.   There is actually a good looking used sander over in Santa Rosa, but that drive will kill most of a day of work and any sander will blow my budget for the month :-(
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