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Guitar #1 is done, at least for a few more weeks. The finish is completed to my satisfaction. After a few weeks of settling in I will adjust the neck set and do a setup on it. I've actually been playing it and relearning some things I had forgotten. Pictures will be coming soon.

Guitar #2: This past week has been a busy time for me getting ready to start Guitar #2. At times it seems like the list of things that I need before starting is almost infinite, but I made good progress in the past week.

- I figured out how to clamp the top and back center joints with just a simple bench setup. This will save me from having to build and store a fixture for this purpose.

- I completed my go-bar deck needed for clamping many assemblies. I am currently using it to clamp the layers of the hollow forms that I am building.

- I decided that I would bend sides with just a hot pipe for now. This saves me from having to build and store a side bending fixture, and from having to build forms for each new shape of guitar I try. Bending on a hot pipe requires some practice and care, but is kind of a required skill that I will need anyway.

- I am working on finishing a batch of wood samples. I have samples of all the woods I am willing to work with at this point. Having them finished will allow me to look at wood and trim colors to better visualize the finished product. Also helpful if I am talking to prosective customers!

- I got the remaining 24" rounds cut that I need for making hollow forms. Will finish gluing by tomorrow, then have 4 more surfaces to hollow out in the following days.

By next weekend I should be ready to beginning the back and top gluing and bracing, and start bending sides.

It's becoming more important that I figure out how to do inlay work. Since this next guitar will be sold, it will need my name, or a logo, inlaid in the headstock. The inlay does not scare me, but does require some hand tools that I do not have yet, and requires some practice before working on an almost finished guitar!

I probably need to spend most of a day sharpening chisels and planes before getting started. I really don't want to be stopping to sharpen every time I need a tool.

Like I said, lots to do to get ready, but I am getting excited.

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