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I was doubtful that it would cover when I put it on, but it turned out that the third layer of epoxy on the guitar body was enough to allow a complete level sanding without sanding through! Body is ready for sealer on the top and lacquer. :) Will try to mask and seal this week and start spraying lacquer next weekend.

Working on pore filling the neck now. One coat down and two more to go. The neck is hard because there is no real way to level the epoxy. A flat scraper just does not work. Used my gloved finger to smear on the first coat. Left a very rough coat that is proving to be a huge job to sand. Also the masking needed to keep the epoxy off the fretboard is in the way for sanding, but also not easy to remove and redo for each layer.

A few lessons I have learned in doing this pore filling:

1) There is no such thing as too much light!

2) There is such a thing as too much magnification!

3) I really need a stool to sit on at my bench.

4) Scraping is more precise than sanding. If sanding through is an issue...more scraping, less sanding!

5) Some razor blades come out of the package with oil on them! Fortunately I noticed the oil on my fingers and the razor blade before I touched the guitar.
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