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Wow, it got warm fast. Now I begin fighting a conflicting battle in my garage. I need to maintain the humidity between 45% and 55% when working with yet to be assembled guitar bits. On Monday the humidity in the garage dropped to 28%. I put a humidifier out there, but it has so far only reached 38%. Anytime I open the garage door, I'm sure that I loose a lot of moisture. Now comes the real challenge. Tonight when I went out there to work it was 91 degrees and 36% humidity. Not exactly comfortable. 45-55% would have been unbearable. So I see AC in the near future for my garage. But that will lower the humidity. This could get interesting. I'm sure that a reasonable equilibrium could be achieved if I could maintain a steady temperature. Unfortunately, there is no way I can afford to run AC all day out there. This is going to get interesting.

- First step is insulation in the ceiling. No sense trying to control environment in an uninsulated garage.

- Then I need power for an AC unit and for tools, including 220V for a table saw and dust collector.

- Then blow in insulation for the walls that are not all door.

Just what I needed, more projects!

After all this will come winter so I can fight the opposite battle. I will then need to heat and dehumidify.

I'm really starting to wish I had enough land to build a dedicated shop!
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