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I spent alot of yesterday planning a new organization scheme for my photography. Directory structures, file naming, etc. Before I get too far into the digital stuff, I have ~5000 35mm slides in archive sleeves to deal with. These need to be sorted, boxed, and scanned well enough to at least get them into my Lightroom catalog so I know what I have.

So I spent today sorting all my slides by date. Found that I have a 5 year gap with no slides. Oh yeah, I shot print film for those 5 years. Now I have that to deal with also! I got 250 slides out of their sleeves, labeled (file name), and put into archival storage boxes. ~4600 more to go. Then I got the first 24 scanned on my flat bed scanner. This scanner works great for my 4X5 sheet film, but seems marginally up to the task of dealing with small slides. I would prefer to be using my Nikon slide scanner, but it looks like I have to buy some expensive software to get it to work with Win7.

Its a good thing I'm going to have a few weeks available coming up to deal with this without the distraction of work! I have a long long way to go on this project, but it is much needed and good to have started.
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