Feb. 27th, 2011

elhoff: (guitar)
For those of you not watching on Facebook, I have taken up guitar building. Last month I went to Portland for a 2 week intensive class with a master luthier named Charles Fox. The class was a spectacular experience and I came home with a new self built steel string accoustic guitar (complete and playable except for finish.) You will begin to see posts here concerning my further adventures as a luthier.

Since the class I have been working diligently to get my shop in order, but am trying not to go crazy buying tools! My first task is to apply finish to this first guitar so I can really start playing it. For the past couple weeks I have been testing finish options on scrap wood that I brought home with me. At this point I have decided to spray traditional lacquer. Now I am investigating options for grain filling. Once past all the testing and practicing, the actual finishing step should not take that long (though there is a mandatory 2 week drying time.) I also need to do a full setup job on my Seagull guitar for practice and in preparation for selling it.
elhoff: (guitar)
As part of pursuing lutherie as a hobby, I have just joined The Guild of American Luthiers. As an engineer by education and career, I never thought that I would be able to put "Guild Member" on my resume!

BTW: Why is it that no spell checkers know the word luthier? Its not that rare.

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